My name is Lawrence, and I’m a puzzle and tabletop gaming enthusiast (but a teacher by profession) based in Kyoto, Japan. These are all the various places you can find me doin’ my thing around the internet:

PuzzleWithMe is my current YouTube channel where I solve and comment on the NYTimes crossword 5 days a week including live streams. It is where I am most active online.

Instagram is my most-used social media platform. I update only occasionally, but check it daily.

Twitter is… well, it’s there, but I rarely update or look at it.

Mr. Denes’ Public Journal is my rarely updated blog. I only write here when I have something on my mind that I want to try to put down in words.

Hello Kyoto (formerly Hello Toyama) is my old YouTube vlog channel that is no longer active, but I posted over 150 vlogs there from around 2014 to 2016, at least a few of which are pretty good!

You can also reach me by email: lawrence@alphabento.com

Lastly, if you happen to be on the Crosscord Discord server, you can find me there under the name “Denesaur”